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Tracfone Customer Service Number

December 27, 2013 | Posted in Service Providers
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The Tracfone Customer Service Number has been allotted by TracFone Wireless for help regarding the company’s services. To collect details regarding their products and services, the Phone Number for Tracfone Customer Service has been provided by us. The Tracfone Support Customer Service Number can as well be dial while looking out for technical support, Tracfone Plans and Phones, local/international call rates updating area code, switching number to Tracfone, pay as you go facilities and to track one’s order.

Tracfone Customer Support Number: 1-800-867-7183

Established in 1996 as Topp Telecom Inc, at present TracFone Wireless is one of Mexico’s largest telecommunications company América Móvil and it functions as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) since it has multiple agreements to provide service utilizing the networks of the United States largest wireless carriers including Sprint Corporation, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile US. The company has been credited for allowing the residents of America to make use of cell phone with the least expensive options, without the utilization of credit checks, contracts, cancellation fees and activation charges. Its usage has assured customers with nationwide coverage on all the leading networks of America. Contracted with the major carriers, TracFone Wireless is known for its coverage in 99.6% of the cellular populations. To grab further details, the TracFone Corporate Office Address has been mentioned below.

TracFone Corporate Office Address

Address: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178

Comments (8)

  1. Dave

    I purchased a new phone and wanted to keep my same TracFone number. This was on Thursday, March 6. My old phone was disconnected almost immediately and I am still waiting for my new phone to be activated using the same phone number. TracFone tech support offers automated service that goes no where. I’m told to wait a certain amount of time and then place a call. I’ve tried that multiple times but only get “activation required” messages. Another says that if that process doesn’t work, be sure to call us back. So I call back and the same process starts all over again.
    I enjoy many things about my TracFone but customer service is not one of them. When will I have service?
    Thank you.

  2. Joan

    I just wanted to transfer my unused minutes to my son’s tracphone and all I got was a run-around and was never able to get to customer service. I am totally frustrated with Tracphone services.

  3. 9wood

    i would choose a better provider as tracfone will not care at all about any of your problems, they are there only for there paychecks and to read there scripts.
    they will make excuses and lies and anything else to not have any responisiilty at all

  4. ks

    What a rip off! Have over 200 minutes and cant use them. Tracfone wont give refunds. They keep my money for themselves. How greedy is that??? Besides customer service cant speak English!!! Get English speaking representives!!!

  5. Luke McKain

    Customer service SUCKS!!!!! 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get the pix off my phone and onto my computer…still no resolution!!!

  6. Harold Wagner

    Help. My TracFone LG flip no longer has sound.
    Did not set mute, nor vibrate only, but now no ring.
    RSVP. TF customer cell 407 222-1362.
    HW Jan 14.

  7. Al Caholic

    Save yourself some ensuing definite grief & anger. DO NOT call the1-800-867-7183 customer service #. I suggest 1-800-323-2366. Or ANY other tracfone # you can find.

  8. Maryann

    I purchased a $100. card and tried to put the minutes on. I ended up calling the company and they told me I needed a new sim card. Once I installed the new card and tried again to install the minutes, (which again didn’t work) they told me it already had been redeemed, and I couldn’t get my minutes from this card. I had tried installing the $100 previously on the old sim. Now I’m out $100, and walmart won’t take the card back. I asked several times to speak with a manager, and he wouldn’t connect me to one.

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