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Boost Mobile Customer Service Number

May 6, 2013 | Posted in Service Providers
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Boost Mobile is a Prepaid Wireless Brand promoted by independent operators in Australia and the United States. The Company came into existence in 2001 and, with viral marketing campaign, went on to become one of the most successful Telecom Brand in the country. In USA, Boost Worldwide Inc. provides products and services under this Brand.  Boost Mobile Customer Service Number has been precisely created for the customers to Talk-to-Boost Mobile Representatives when in need of guidance against issues faced. If you are looking for better phones, less commitment and great service at sensational prices, then dial Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number. Provided below is the Boost Mobile Customer Phone Number that you can dial up to afford all sorts of customer related assistance.

Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number: 888-266-7848

How to Reach a Live Person:

Getting in touch with a live person is easy and absolutely hassle-free. Wait for the message to go to English.

  • Press 5
  • Press 2
  • Press 4

Wait through all of the menu options, and then a few seconds longer until prompted to talk to a Boost Mobile representative.

  • Press 0
  • Press 2

Hours of Operation

Boost Mobile Customer Support can be contacted from 4am PST – 11pm PST through Boost Mobile Customer Support Number. Hours of Operation remains the same throughout 7 days a week.

Boost Mobile Phone Number: 1866-402-7366

How to reach a live person:

  • Press 5
  • Press 2
  • Press 4
  • Press 0

Boost Mobile Customer Support

Note: Alternate instructions for reaching a person: Wait until the menu goes to English and then press 8 and then 8 again.

Boost Worldwide is an entirely owned subsidiary of Sprint Nextel Corporation and is headquartered in Irvine, California. For details about their services, Talk to Boost Mobile Representatives through the Boost Mobile 24 Hours Customer Service Number.

Boost Mobile Customer Support Number

  • 1866-434-6295 (Direct number to a live customer service agent)

On July 14, 2015, Boost Mobile propelled the NETGEAR Fuse aligned with no-contract Wi-Fi Hotspot plans for a venturous working. As of November 2015, several Boost phones have been structured to connect to Sprint’s LTE network for the smooth provision through the SIM cards. Popular Billboard Charting Recording Artist B. Taylor reportedly got involved in a partnership with Boost Mobile for the release of his new single ‘Fiesta, Hot Mami’.

This award-winning prepaid brand is known to offer unparalleled 4G LTE wireless telecom services to consumers with no longstanding contracts. As of December 2015, Boost Mobile initiated offering unlimited music with 8tracks applications, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Slacker Samsung Milk Music and Radio without sustaining Boost data plans.

The Company has won oodles of plaudits from wireless consumers for its consumer-friendly, customized, hassle free approach towards ensuring client satisfaction. It is for sure you will never be more pleased with any other wireless service than that of Boost Mobile. For help and other information, feel free to dial Boost Mobile Customer Support Number. Boost Mobile USA Phone Number, Boost Mobile Technical Support Number indeed helps you know about various services, technical plans and offers within the territory of USA.

Comments (7)

  1. Yash

    Boost Mobile offers great Customer Service in hours of need. I would recommend everyone to avail Boost Mobile for economical telephonic services.

    • Sherry

      I had a most pleasant experience with a Boost serv. Rep (Mathew) He not only helped me pay on line bill, but refunded a overcharge, NO PROBLEM. What a difference! I (WE) love this company!

  2. James jiles

    I’m going to change services if someone doesn’t call me back soon. I’m in a line of work where my phone is very important, please give me a call back. Every phone call I make is dropped I haven’t had one phone call that has it been dropped this is ridiculous call me please thank you! This is the first service I’ve had were every call is dropped I don’t believe that its Boost Mobile’s service itself since its affiliated with Sprint. I believe its the Sharp Aquos design that causes bad reception and dropped calls. Please give me a call back soon I don’t mind being a loyal customer I just want what I’m paying for I’m not paying for dropped calls every time I call some one! I’m in law enforcement and my phone is very important to me, I’m tired of getting the runaround someone please call me back soon very soon thank you if you can’t be there 24 hours a day you need to make changes to your work schedule!!thank you very much I’m waiting on your call I can’t deal with the dropped calls anymore I’ll take my business elsewhere if you can’t help me!

  3. Shawna Seigal

    Why is it so HARDto reach someone @Boost? I need help releasing block text from mty phone. I have tried Everything you have suggested. THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND OLD. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  4. Divinity Warrington

    I bought my Boost phone back in Dec2014 about 2 weeks after purches it started having problems. How can i get it fixed when i have to use a different phone just to speak to a live person? I have waited on hold for 2hrs trying to talk to a person even though i was on a land line. I am having problems now trying to get a phone that my friend gave me to work because they never gave me their pin number and before they gave it to me they changed phone numbers. My friend moved and i dont have contact to get it fixed with them so plz boost stop using robots for everything.

  5. Joaquin

    Need my account. Number

  6. Faqir chand

    I lost my SIM card can u help me to stop my number 0426274786

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