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Apple iPhone Customer Support Number

May 8, 2013 | Posted in Cell Phones
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Apple iPhone Customer Support Number connects consumers to Apple iPhone Customer Care. For your issues regarding Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 6 & Apple iPhone Plus; consumers in America can dial the Apple iPhone Support Phone Number and gain access to their Customer Care. Their customer executives remain available round the clock and are more than happy to help clients with reasonable and satisfying solutions. They can even guide you regarding the Apple iPhone 6 that is on sell round the world. For further details, dial the mentioned Apple iPhone Customer Number.

Apple iPhone Customer Support Phone Number

iPhone Customer Support Number: 1-800-275-2273
My iPhone Customer Support Number: 
Apple Rebates Customer Support Number: 
Education Customer Support Number: 
Education Customer Sales Number: 
Enterprise Customer Support Number: 


Apple Inc. was previously known as Apple Computer Inc. It is an American Multinational Corporation with an extensive global presence across leading markets in the world. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple Inc. designs, develops, and markets consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers, including iPhones. iPhone is a line of exclusive smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It runs on iOS Mobile Operating System developed by Apple.  The first generation iPhone was unveiled on June 29, 2007. The most recent iPhone, the sixth-generation iPhone 5 was launched on 21 September, 2012. If you are a user residing in America and looking for solution to your queries and issues, dial Apple iPhone Customer Service Number aka Apple iPhone Customer Support Number. For your great convenience, we have mentioned Apple iPhone Customer Service Number. In addition, we have also mentioned My iPhone Customer Support Number, Apple Rebates Customer Support Number, Education Customer Support Number, Education Customer Sales Number and Enterprise Customer Support Number.

Apple Corporate Office USA Contact Details

Address: Apple 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014
Contact Number: 408-996-1010

Apple is the second-largest Information Technology Company in the world by revenue after Samsung Electronics. It is the   third largest Mobile Phone manufacture across the globe after Samsung and Nokia. The most popular Hardware Products from Apple Inc. are the Mac line of Computers, the iPod Music Player, the iPhone Smartphone, and the iPad Tablet Computer. Development of what was to become the Apple iPhone commenced in the year of 2004, when Apple began to assemble an expert team of 1000 employees who could work on the highly confidential “Project Purple.” Sir Jonathan Ive is the man who designed the iPhone. For further information, help and queries, you can dial Apple iPhone Customer Service Number aka Apple iPhone Customer Support Number. So that you don’t have to look here and there, we have mentioned Apple iPhone Customer Service Number aka Apple iPhone Customer Support Number above. In case you want to get Apple USA Corporate Office Contact Details, find them above in the post. Above you can find detailed Contact Address and Contact Number of Apple USA Corporate Office.

Direct Access to Apple Representatives: 1-877-204-3930

Apple has customer solutions for all its consumers, residing in any corner of the USA. If you have a hearing or vision impairment, don’t worry at all. Apple provides you a special Apple iPhone Customer Service Number for direct access to Apple Representatives who are trained in providing support using accessibility services.

Customer Service Number, Customer Support Number, Apple USA Corporate Office Contact Details are mentioned above in the phone. American consumers and users of iPhone can dial above mentioned numbers and contact details to establish communication with Apple iPhone Customer Care Executive.

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  1. IOSfan

    Very helpful information. I can think of numerous times when it might come in in handy! great job.

  2. Yash

    Best customer care service you will ever wish to have!

  3. Dr.zuhair

    Dear preferred to Buy Telephone iPhone because it has a high durability and purchased from the iPhone in the U.S.
    But the goodwill problem and it turns out device does not contain such high durability expected when it fell a little water led to a complete breakdown and go all the important information I hope to find a solution to the problem
    best regards

  4. Lawrence Vernetti

    To Apple Store Manager,
    Ross Park Mall
    Pittsburgh, Pa

    Dear Mr. John Anker,

    I wish to relay to you the interaction between one of your employees, my wife and daughter in resolving a technical issue with a 9 month old, dysfunctional iPhone 5. At the time they were advised to visit the genius bar and speak to service technician (#973536746), the iPhone had already been examined by a Verizon technician and an Apple Store employee who believed the iPhone likely needed to be replaced. At this point I will let my daughter and wife continue with a short narrative on the interaction between them and the service technician:

    “On Friday, January 2nd, 2015 my mother and I went to a local Verizon store inquiring how to fix my dysfunctional iPhone 5. For the past two months the iPhone was deleting purchased iTunes songs and most recently began to delete my text messages. Upon going to Verizon we were advised the iPhone likely needed to be replaced. Although Verizon offered to mail a replacement we opted to go to the Ross Park Apple store for an immediate IPhone replacement so I could return to college the following morning with a working iPhone. The first employee we encounter at the Ross Park Apple store checked the iPhone and told us the iPhone was experiencing multiple software malfunctions, but recommended we speak to a service technician at the genius bar in case there was fix available. Once we sat down with the genius bar technician to talk about the iPhone I was repeated interrupted when I tried to describe the two problems with my iPhone. I was then asked four different times if I knew how to reset my phone and although I answered the question ‘yes’ four times, he proceeded to act as if he never heard me. At this point he began to talk down to me as if I had never owned an iPhone or had ever used cell telephone. He then proceeded to make fun of the fact that all my texts were deleted and told me the loss was “the great texting crisis of 2014”. When I continued to ask questions on iCloud, texting and my deleted music he grew increasingly frustrated became derogatory, arrogant and rude to the point where I nearly burst into tears. During this interaction one of the Apple employees came to ask questions on helping another customer. After the Apple employee ran down a list of what had been tried my service technician declared, ‘well, then your screwed, aren’t you.’ This defacement, exhibition of rudeness and temper to a fellow store employee in front of my mother and I capped the entire shameful end to our experience at the Ross Park Apple store.”

    In the end, employ #973536746 did replace the dysfunctional iPhone for which I thank apple replacement warranty policy and not the employee for services rendered. When my wife and daughter returned home and told me of the incident I went back to Ross Park Mall Apple store and asked to see a store manager. I gave a complaint to floor manager Elizabeth Pulcini. She provided me with your name along with the general store Email. This Email has been cc’d to the apple customer care center to register my complaint on how this store employee is treating service customers.


    Lawrence Vernetti

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