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Alcatel Customer Service Number

November 9, 2013 Posted in Cell Phones
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Alcatel is listed as one of the top ten fastest growing mobile phone manufacturers.  It has inked its name in the industry’s goodwill. Alcatel was established in 2004 as a joint venture between Alcatel and Lucent. But In 2005 the joint venture broke and TCL acquired Alcatel-Lucent’s 45%. Since then, Alcatel became a wholly owned subsidiary group of TCL. The brand is renowned for mobile broadband modems and mobile phones manufactured by Alcatel Mobile Phones and TCL Corporation. Since the day of its inception, Alcatel has been producing unique and innovative mobile and Internet products such as Flash 2 throughout the globe.

The brand is also popular among its consumers and buyer for offering easy-to-monitor, modern, and affordable and elegantly designed Smartphone and devices. The brand is a part of TCL Corporation that is famous for being one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. 

Get in touch with Alcatel Customer Service Number team via Alcatel Cell Phones Customer Service Number. Confused and curious customers can dial the Alcatel Phones Customer Support Number & Warranty Claim Number for assistance concerning Alcatel One Touch Phones, warranty periods, security codes, features, price tag, specifications, one touch upgrade, trouble shooting, back up and synchronization, android USB driver download etc. Follow the given Alcatel Mobile Phones Customer Service Number for swift responses.

Alcatel Phones Customer Service Number: 1-855-844-6058

In the year 2016, the brand saw several elevations. It won 2 Australian “Best of Best” Awards 2016 and 17 Recognitions at MWC 2016. It recently launched Alcatel GO Play, Alcatel POP 7 LTE as a new-start, and has collaborated with Nokia for positive operating income.

Alcatel Phones Customer Support Number :1-855-368-0829

If you are a streaming resident of United States, stay in touch with the Alcatel Customer Service Phone Number USA and the Alcatel Customer Support Number for instant and updated information. If facing any technical issue or complications, feel free to dial Alcatel Tech Support Number for a positive assistance.

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  1. whysperss simmons

    My phone was deactivated. How do I reactivate? I think need to add new credit card number

  2. Veronica

    My alcatel phone shuts off; the battery is full can you help?

  3. jonavie sinadjan

    i forgot my pattern password…what should i do…. me…
    thank you…

  4. David Winter

    i got my sell phone about 6 months and it sat for a couple months went to turn it back on it had no minn it was to reload each month please help with what to do call me asap at 651-325-6350 ask for david

  5. mike

    I am an electrition technician my phone has a short in it I was wondering then if I can get another phoneI plugged all of my own phones on the same charging apparatus and they all work except the Alcatel 2050Ntake into consideration because of the phone I am suffering and my customers are suffering I am now living in a car suffering to that extent

  6. germaine

    I can not remember the access code for my voice mail. How do i reset it ?

  7. Kenny W

    I want to restart my plan please help?

  8. Nicole Hansen

    Hello my name is Nicole Hansen, and I have a free Alcatel phone and I forgot my password and I can’t get into my cell phone, can you help me please

  9. Candice Schwalm

    Need puck code my num 717 216 ****

  10. Howard Freeman

    I am having hell trying to return my Alcatel 7046T cell phone. Their are numerous phone numbers, however I cannot find the right one. Now, I have found out that they have joined Nokia.

  11. I have my Alcatel pixi4 plus power network locked please help me to unlock it

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