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Jet’s Pizza Customer Service Number

November 19, 2014 Posted in Fast Food
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Jets Pizza rose to a very high level in the industry and listed as the twelfth largest pizza chain in United States. Eugene Jett’s and John Jett’s opened up the first branch of the Pizza chain in the year 1978. This pizza chain is spread across the United States covering over 350 locations as of now. It is famous for its square deep-dish Detroit-style pizza, and has trademarked in 8-corner pizza.

Jet’s Pizza Phone Number is open for all pizza lovers to grab a delicious bite. The Jet’s Jets Pizza Customer Service Number can also be accessed by all, to gather some information about their services and menu or to give your feedback about their pizza’s. For more information about this American pizza chain, customers can freely refer to the Jet Pizza Corporate Office Fax Number.

Jet’s Pizza Phone Number: (586) 268-5870 

The brand has developed its franchise over several states, which include Michigan, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. You can now sent gift cards online or be a part of Jet’s E-Club with easy subscription. Additionally, it will be launching its store at Tallahassee location.

Recently in 2017, Jet’s Pizza announced its engagement with Petoskey Education Foundation and helps build Pizza Pizzazz funds for social causes.  BBQ chicken pizza, chicken parmesan, super special, all meaty, Hawaiian, Jet10 and many more delicious and lip smacking options are available with the Jet’s Pizza. To contact the officials of the food chain customers can freely call on the Jets Pizza USA Support Number. For any further queries or issues customers can personally talk to the executives by referring to the Jet Pizza Corporate Office Address.

Jet Pizza Corporate Office Address

  • Address: JET’S AMERICA INC.
    37501 Mound Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48310
  • Fax: (586) 268-6762

Comments (14)

  1. Kim Pooley

    Today 5/30/15 my boyfriend ordered a large jet’s 10 deep dish,turbo crust from the Hartland store. When the pizza arrived it was a medium BLT. We were all hungry & very disappointed. We could have had a jet’s 10 if we waited another hour….we had already waited an hour & know what was ordered. There were three witnesses to what was ordered so we know it was right on our end. And I should say he repeated the order 3 times. They offered a credit……whooo hoooo., is it really going to happen (when,where,how) & do you think that resolves 4 peoples disappointment ? Not to mention that this isn’t the first time this store has done this. Response is requested/necessary

  2. Kandy

    Jets in romulus in vanborn rd on a sat. At 9:42 pm i called he was about to take order and manager said they were closed i looked on line not suppose to close till 11 pm i was disappointed. Thank you

  3. I live in Florence KY October 17th 2015 at 6:08 my oder was placed online, the money came out of my bank account. The web site told me to allow 56 minutes. I find myself to be a patient person but my hungry husband and kid let me know they was still waiting. so I thought I would call to see whats taking so long. I called 7:32 it just beeps, 7:35 again just beeps, 7:48 a driver answered said that my order was lost and i could reorder. When i asked how does an order get lost he said I dont know I’m a driver. So i asked for a manager was put on hold and hung up on, 7:58 sounded like the same person asked for the manager again put on hold and hung up on. Finally the food showed up after and they had the wrong drink I starter the call at 8:07 a woman answered after it rang and rang she was very polite and explained that I was not the only one with an issue she asked if I would like to be put on hold while i waited for a manager and I said no! she stayed on the line with me looked for a regional or corporate # the management had to much going on to take my call. she said she would order the right drink for me and said nothing about charging me. she stayed on the phone call for 11 minutes with me as soon as i got off the phone I got on here.
    Now Jets is a pizza I recommend to all my friends family co-works and classmates just on Monday I told a room of 60 people how much I love Jets and now I don’t know if I will get it again I have never had suck a hard time to get pizza and then to have the management that i could hear there talking not even take the time to talk to me but told the young woman i was talking to to have me call bake later. I was very upset.

  4. Marie

    It is difficult to accept the fact that racism still exist. I have always supported the Jets pizza in Dearborn, MI on Warren. They deliver to me all the time. However today I was told that it is too dark to deliver my pizza because in about 45 minutes it will be dark and they don’t deliver to Detroit after dark. I am literally on the boarder of Dearborn and Detroit and it takes them 5 minutes to get to my home. I guess this is something that I probably should contact Fox 2 news about. If they don’t have a problem telling there customers that then they shouldn’t have a problem with me exposing them on Tv.

  5. I phoned in an order large round pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms & extra cheese. & it would be ready on 20 minutes.. I got their early so I waited in my car . When I went in they said they gave my pizza to someone else (named Cheryl). They did not offer a discount or anything said they would make a new one . Said it would take a few minutes!! In the meantime I’m almost positive the other Cheryl was their at register getting a refund , then went to her car & brought back the wrong pizza she ordered!! Not even 5 mins later they handed me a pizza. I got home 35 mins later & opened it it was not hot, & looked burnt like they had thrown back in hot oven warmed it & gave it to me!!! Disgusting, service has really changed in that location, I will NEVER go to that one again!!!! Staff was not organized and did not seem to know what they we’re doing!!!!!???

  6. Phoenicia Salter

    I have had the worst experience EVERY out of all the restaurants I have been to. My company has even order large pizza orders from this location before which is what made me ever what to eat here.
    I went into your location on 05/03/2016 after ordering online. The gentleman made an error and rung my order up on the card when I stated I was paying cash and card. The manager came over and supposedly voided the transaction out. I have the voided receipt in my possession and I was told 3-5 business days I would have my funds back into my account. I had tracked my account and the charge came out but it has not after the full 5 business days been credited back to my account. I have called to attempt to speak with the manager who was so rude he hung up not once but twice after over talking me and saying I was yelling at him. He then proceeded to just hang up in my face without even hearing me say I wanted to come into the store and have him and my bank to speak to try to get this resolved. As he was over talking me I did raise my voice to try to get him to listen to what I was saying and calm him down from telling me the same thing over and over again with no resolution. This was not my error i came in very pleasant and was even pleasant after the error and want to make it right myself on my end after he said he voided it he just gave me the food which was not what my goal was I would have paid what was owed but he was already annoyed at the Kevin J for making the error. This is not how you handle a customer. Even if the process is the process as a manager of a large corporate company showing empathy and trying to contact who ever it took to get a resolve would have been a least an attempt to try to handle the problem. No hanging up the phone in a paying customers face that is NEVER how you handle someone that is patronizing your location EVER. Then he took the phone off the hook and would not take the call like he really could careless. Customer get upset which I was not until he kept over talking me telling me it was my banks problem. Meanwhile I am out of the money I was told I would have back. I would have rather just handled it properly the first time. I would like someone to contact me in this matter as I have NEVER been treated so rudely as a PAYING customer when it was not my error to start and I was expecting my money back. If am MANAGER can not keep composure long enough to look for a resolution or at least make me feel like they are trying to resolve my issue maybe management is not the job for that person in representing the company.

  7. Christopher Gadbois

    Bought a large four corner Pizza and they send me this little tiny 4 pieces of pizza and then I call them 2 tell them they sent me the wrong Pizza and then they wanted to charge me for the rest of the pizza what the hell that was their mistake not mine now I go hungry I will never order from Jet’s Pizza again the last time I ordered from them I didn’t get my pizza until closing time because for some reason they forgot this is the location in West Allis on 92nd and Greenfield I would not recommend going to this place and the manager is not very nice

  8. Rahsheedah Gross

    I ordered 2 sets of wings, boneless(mild) bone-in (mild). I got home and they were Hot!!! I called and asked for manager Yriel at the Aurora IL location on New York St and Eola. He was very RUDE! He said that all of the sauces were spicy and there was nothing he could do for me! I normally frequent jets pizza twice a week and I will NEVER EVER GO TO JETS AGAIN!!

  9. Annie

    Hello. I am a loyal jets pizza lover. Tonight, I had an unfortunate experience and would like to share it with corporate as I feel they should know what is going on with the Jet’s name. I ordered pizza at 6:02 pm, the delivery estimate was one hour. 20 minutes later I got a call from an unknown manager saying that the delivery time would be one hour from now. I agreed. So at 7:30 when the pizza was not here I called to get an update. They said it should be there soon. 7:45 and no pizza so I called again (jets is about an 8 minute drive from my apartment), this is where things started to go downhill. A manager named Dawn (Don?) answered and all he kept saying was ok ok, and we have a shortage of drivers and that my pizza went out 20 minutes ago. Never got an apology or anything. When asked if he could contact the driver he rudely told me he already had. I was so disappointed at the way he treated me, I asked to cancel the order. At 7:50, the doorman finally called me to tell me my pizza was here after I had said I didn’t want it anymore if it had been out that long and would be cold. I called back to speak to Dawn who still had nothing more than “ok” to say to me. Finally, Robert( or roberto) who is a manager in training !! In training picked up the phone and I finally got my first apology. Robert offered to get a new pizza made and personally deliver the pizza. Finally someone who knew something about customer service. While I appreciate what Roberto did for me which was above and beyond, I thought you should know about Dawn and the rude customer service I received. Me and my friends order from jets often and this is the first time I have to think twice about ordering again.

  10. Nick

    I called the jets on schenorr road and was put on hold for 45 minutes then the person who put me on hold hung up the phone.i wanted to order a pizza but I guess I’ll go somewhere else for pizza

  11. Alma Carrancho

    I called Jets Pizza because I love their cheese sticks. I called at 9:45 pm, the girl that answered says they were closed. I live very close, so I came to the store the girl went directly to the door as I walked up to the door & locked it right in front of me, it was 9:55, I pointed out that they close at ten as the hours state. She said she WAS the Manager and that they stop taking orders earlier. Now I understand why Pizza Hut does FAR MORE BUSINESS THAN JETS! I will NEVER order Jets ever again! I hope you go out of business!!

  12. Alma Carrancho

    I am very upset with the fact that there is no corporate phone number or area Mgr that can be contacted as per the “Mgr” of the Jets Pizza in Cadillac MI. I would really LOVE TO STATE THAT THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS!! I understand that workers want to go home at closing time BUT CLOSING TIME ISN’T being closing time! I guess they make up their own hours! Who cares what it says on the door! I tried to purchase turbo cheese sticks just to have the door locked right in FRONT OF ME & told WE STOP TAKING ORDERS EARLY. Then you should have a sign that states:
    “We Close Whenever We Please, Tough Shit!”
    So much for keeping your word Jets Pizza! You will never be a giant in the pizza world, Shame on you!!!!!! Liars liars liars, along with rude people you hire!!!
    “Michele” said she was the manager, who knows if THAT was true! I will NEVER order from you again and I will spread this experience with all the peeps I know.

  13. Benita Mitchell

    I have always enjoyed Jets pizza and consider it to very good…..well today ,not so much. When I called the location in Charlotte NC on prosperity and spoke with the manager Justin to tell him the pizza was not up to their normal standards he asked me what do you want us to do?? Really, Jets are theses the people you hire to conduct your business. He was very rude even after I told him that I did not expect the pizza to be replaced he stated that he was not gonna do that anyhow. He advised me that nothing was different and that no one else has complained. He was a real Jerk when he could have simply stated so about that . I was by no means trying to get anything free but the way he spoke to me was as if I was trying to get something for nothing. Sorry Jets but my office(co -workers 75 people ) will never come to that entity again.

  14. Nicki

    We placed our order at7:45pm last night all we had was 2 small pizzas and a 12piece jets bread we didn’t receive our food in till 8:55 it was almost 30$ we didn’t receive the jets bread…our pizzas were cold and nasty we love jets but after last night they didn’t replace the cold pizza’s and wanted to give me credit for the bread they forgot im very dissatisfied and wont ever eat here agian

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