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VIZIO Customer Service Number

January 24, 2014 Posted in Electronics
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Dial VIZIO Customer Service Number if you have any queries and doubts. The skilled executives are always available to help their customers via Phone Number for VIZIO TV, tablets and other tools. VIZIO Tech Support Number is also mentioned for any technical assistance on an urgent basis. For further correspondence you can reach VIZIO USA Corporate Office Address or narrate your questions to VIZIO Customer Service Phone Number. If you have any issues related to your LCD TV’s, HD surround sound system, HDTV accessories, LCD computer monitors and laptops, you can directly talk to their executives.

VIZIO Customer Support Number

Customer Service: +1 855-833-3221
Support & Sales: 877.698.4946 (877 MY VIZIO)

VIZIO is a consumer electronic industry situated in Irvine, California, USA. It was founded in October 2002 as V Inc. and is the leading producer of reasonable flat screen televisions. At present it is the best known privately held American producer and service providers of affordable electronics. With their increasing popularity; they aid best when it comes to their products and services. It has become the largest LCD TV seller (by volume) in North America for the second quarter of 2007. They have skilled professionals and experts that assist you via VIZIO Customer Phone Number and always aspire to benefit you in any condition and situation. In the current year on July 24, 2015, VIZIO collaborated with U.S. regulators for intentionally raising $172.5 million for Class A common stock under the trademark symbol “VZIO”

Their assistance and services are up to the mark. Feel free to get any solution to your problem by contacting VIZIO Tablet Customer Service Phone Number or writing them on their email address for VIZIO tablet related concerns. The company was started in 2002 as GreenDane by William Wang, Ken Lowe, and Laynie Newsome with three employees with $600,000. For any A-Z technical support service you can contact VIZIO USA Corporate Office Phone Number for further assistance.

VIZIO USA Corporate Office Contact Address

Address: VIZIO
39 Tesla Rd., Irvine, CA 92618
Contact Number: 877.698.4746

Comments (3)

  1. john mcmichael

    we purchashed a vizio tv at walmart 70 inch ,may 2013, new tv bug in screen from factory$1,700.00.hard earned dollars.

    wal-mart was not going to trade it out .we called vizio after many phone calls
    and finally asking for a supervisor ,vizio called walmart and we were able to exchange sept.2013
    now tv we exchanged for , which technically is not a year old by time we had first issue solved, has gone out ,called vizio tech support were told we have a non fixable
    backlight out, and tv is not in warrenty!!
    less than a year old! $1700.00 dollars and a peice of junk scrap,
    replaced our 60 inch sony which we purchased in 2011 ,still working today in another room,with your vizio which has gone out in less than a year.
    please make this right

  2. Patricia Kirby

    My husband, Fred Kirby & I ordered a Vizio LED Smart TV 42 inch Tv from 4-15-14, it was shipped to us shortly after. On December 18, 2014, it just quit! I contacted Vizio, they gave me a repair number, & said it was the memory board & would cost us app. $250.00, the TV cost $500.00. We are seniors & watch alot of TV, we bought from Vizio, in good faith that we would have a TV for years, instead, alittle over a year & it quits. We feel that Vizio should make an adjustment or give us another TV. I haven’t contacted you, due to my 91 year old mother has been hospitalized & I haven’t been home alot. We are on a fixed social security income and could really use some help from your company. Our daughter, got a 47″ Vizio, 6 months before us (Target) and our granddaughter just got a 42″ Vizio from Walmart in December for college. We are trying to support your company…….PLEASE HELP US!!!!Fred & Patricia Kirby 1311 Cloninger Mill Road, NE Hickory, NC 28601 Phone #828-962-2711

  3. Joe

    I bought a vizeo 65 E series stv, it has not antenna hook up? Sure expected it to have one, like a car having a driver’s door. I live in the country and Internet is down a lot. I bought it from the warehouse site unseen at best buy, had it delivered. So I spent alot of money to kill my own access to free TV. NOT HAPPY! Also vizeo’s contact email site conveniently dosen’t want to work with my galaxy s2. I bought a 40 inch vizeo 10 years ago and loved it, so I trusted the company, after I bought a car with no doors on it from them. That will never happen again. Would call them but I am a little too angry to put a poor customer service rep through hell, so I’ll type for now.

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