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LG Customer Service Number

May 7, 2013 Posted in Electronics
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LG is a leading player in a market for offering consumers products to customers. In 1995, GoldStar merged with Lucky Chemical and LS Cable changing the corporate name to Lucky-Goldstar (LG). Since its inception, the company always assured its customers that “Life’s Good”, which is their tagline. The company offers a wide range of Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, water Purifiers and Air Conditioners. In Car Entertainment, LG offers Car Speakers and Car Amplifiers. It also offers Cameras and Video Conferencing Solutions. LG provides LG Customer Support Number for easy assistance. Customers can get in touch with the officials by dialling LG Customer Care Number. If you have got some queries or have issues regarding LG Products, feel free to call at LG Customer Service Number in USA. Dial LG Customer Service Number and get immediate Customer Solutions from LG Customer Care Executive.

LG Customer Support Number: 800 243-0000

LG Customer Care Number: 1-847-941-8181

In 2016, LG hosted Ultimate NCAA Fan Family Challenge in collaboration with ESPN’s Jay Bilas and The Rachael Ray Show in an attempt to take big dance to new levels. The brand introduced 86-inch ‘Ultra Stretch’ seven-foot-long ultra HD signage display to the world.

LG Customer Service Number: 1-858-635-5232

In 2016, GameFly – the leading console game subscription service associated with LG Electronics USA to LG’s webOS-enabled Smart TVs. In addition, LG’s first-ever Super Bowl advertisement was released featuring Hollywood superstar Liam Neeson with the new range of and its new LG SIGNATURE OLED TV. LG Electronics has been titled amongst one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations by Corporate Knights third time in a row, which is a record in itself. Also, it was awarded with the Gold Class distinction in RobecoSAM’s 2016 Sustainability Yearbook.

LG Customer Care Email:

You can visit their nearest LG Store and find a wide collection of household products and appliances making consumers life easier and smoother and less time consuming. The Company also takes care of your communication needs as it offers an impressive range of Mobile Phones, Smart phones and Feature Phones. In Computer Products Range, LG brings Laptops, LED Monitors and DVD Burners and Projectors. To acquire any details regarding the range of products and services just refer to the LG Customer Service Phone Number.

LG Customer Service Phone Number(s)

  • +1-201-816-2011
  • +1-847-941-8184

Comments (21)

  1. Paula Hudson

    Just want to leave a comment about LG products. I purchased a 50 inch LG TV,model 50PK750, three years ago , I have had to get it worked on once, which cost me 125.00. When I turned the TV on it would go right back off. I didn’t realize I had bought the extended warranty until after I paid the 125.00. In Dec. 2013, the TV started doing this again on occasion. I called the service agreement provider and they told me unless it does it all the time there was nothing they could do. My service agreement expired in Feb 2014, today May 30, my TV is not working again. When I turn it on, it goes right back off. I paid a total of 1183.88 for this TV and only lasted three years. I am so disappointed in this product I will never purchase another LG product nor will I recommend to any one I know to purchase your product. Actually, I will go out of my way to tell them about the poor quality of you product and your customer service so they will not buy you product. Thank you, Paula Hudson

    • Han Moeljadi

      I have the same problem, LG will not even consider repairing. When it comes to warranty, it is all by the book. To all LG customer, complain while you are under warranty, even a small one to get you on record.

      I won’t buy another LG again till they fix this. This problem with their TV is not an isolated one.

  2. Mike

    I just bought an LG air conditioner from a big box store, and after installing it, found out that the fan speed switch (high/low) did not work. A part of the paperwork included with the product insisted that I call the 800 number instead of returning the unit to the store. Big mistake!

    The man I talked to put me on hold to call up the instruction manual, and then told me that the instruction manual said that there was a five minute delay after changing the setting. He was a bit snotty and lectured me to read the manual, which I had indeed done.

    Needless to say, his advice was complete nonsense, so I called back. The woman I talked to put me on hold several times, and after about a half hour announced that the fan speed switch was not working, and that I should return the air conditioner! Brilliant. I asked her if her copy of the instruction manual told of a five minute delay, and she said that the manual for my model was not in their system at all.

    I tried to register a complaint, but each of the four attempts I made resulted in long holds followed by disconnection. Please get this straight: LG makes fine products, and I just got a defective one. But I will never buy anything else of theirs because of their horrible attempts at customer service. I was literally lied to more than once.

  3. Ashley

    I will NEVER again in my entire life buy another LG product…. and I will complain on every website, facebook, twitter, etc. that I can find in hopes that I save at least 100 people from purchasing their products. We “thought” we upgraded from our Dynex TV last year (after having it for 8 years… and by the way, it still works great) to an LG 3D TV… little did we know, we were buying the cheapest quality made. A little over a year after buying it, the TV won’t turn on, but the red light comes on indicating that the TV is off. I called customer service, who basically told me too bad. I emailed on their website with my frustration, the next day the resolution department emailed me back and told me to get in touch with customer service that they would fix the issue free of charge. I called customer service back on 8/12/2014 and told them what the email stated. The man told me that he set up services for the TV to be repaired on 8/13/2014 from 1-5, after I confirmed THREE times that it would be free of charge for me. I took off from work, where I have only worked 38 days to sit at home for 4 hours. Around 3:30, I decided since I hadn’t heard anything from the repair company that I would call and see what if they could give an estimated time to come out. They told me that I was not even on the list. I called LG and talked with a new customer support representative, who apologized and said they could get a different repair team out to fix the issue the next day, which is today 8/14/2014, after I also clearly asked her more than once that this service would still be free of charge. I call that repair center as soon as they opened to make sure everything was set up… what happens you ask?? They DO NOT have me down on the schedule. I call into LG customer support and ask to speak with a supervisor. I speak with Teresa, who tells me that I need to verify the serial number, that I’ve now verified THREE times. I explain to her that I am at work and don’t have the serial number with me, that I had already verified it and did not realize that I would need it. She then told me I would need a receipt from almost a year and a half ago and when I told her I did not have a receipt from that long ago, which both customer service representatives told me was fine, that she would no longer be able to help me. When I asked her if she kept receipts from that long ago her response was “of course I do” in a snarky tone. She then proceeded to tell me that they would not honor what they had told me for the past three days and that no matter what I said there was nothing she was willing to do and that there was no one above her that I could speak with and hung up on me. I have never in my life seen such horrible customer service. Although I am just one customer, I do have the ability to spread the word to thousands through social media and the internet about the experience that I had, along with several others who have had the same experience. You would think that their customer support would be more friendly and willing to help you, as customer such as myself, is who keeps them employed. I understand LG is a huge company, but if they keep producing low quality products, and then refusing resolution, especially after wasting three days for nothing, they will start losing more and more customers until they go under. I am so disappointed and wish I had just bought another Dynex, since they clearly have better quality products than LG will ever have.

  4. Lash

    I have a LG P716.
    My problem is my call receiver cannot hear my vioce properly.
    What can I do for this?
    I bought this last year.
    Thank you.

  5. Jacqueline Aguilar

    I have a LG G3 which I promoted to so many people.. foolish me right? Well happens to be that the charging port was getting loose after very minimal use. I have an Iphone 6 as my main phone. Well I go to sprint and get my phone looked over, they explain that it needs to be warrantied since there is no apparent damage. I also have the LG representative verify and he agrees this is a warranty case. The second LG receives my phone they want to claim physical damage!! I was flabbergasted…. I had been paying a monthly on a phone that I couldn’t use for 3 months because they wanted to use cheap parts?? You better believe that I will never purchase another Lg product ever again. They also need to hire people who speak better English and have a heart. They don’t give a cr@p about customer service. Never again!!!! So disappointed.

  6. Edna

    We had 2 V700 10.1 tablets that had spontaneous cracks in the screen. They were purchased on December 23rd 2014. One for Christmas and the other a 1/11/15 Birthday gift. Unit 1 was minimally used for 2 weeks. Cracks were noticed while on the charger. I touched the tablet and multiple spider cracks appeared to the left of my finger and it was very hot. Two weeks later, Unit 2 showed cracks in the same area. I did not touch it and unplugged it. The cracks do not come all the way through the screen. Customer service had us send them back and wants to charge $235 each to repair. That is more than we paid. I went back to Verizon to cancel service since we no longer have the tablets and was told there was a $750 each cancelation fee. So we have to continue paying for service for 2 years while we get nothing.
    Just not good customer service. I agree with above post. I was speaking to “Jenny” who’s English I could not understand and the to her Supervisor “Angelo” who stated there was nothing they could do. “The tech said there was physical damage the screen was cracked”. No fooling, that’s why they were sent back. Product is very poorly made. I will never again but LG. Fool me once.

  7. Joyce Wood

    I send my LG2 for repairs on March 12, 2015 because the lift side do not work on my screen and the receive the phone on March 19, 2015 and I call them on March 26, 2015 to see what the status of my phone was and I was informed that they didn’t receive my phone just the envelopes that I send it in. Now I need poof of sending them my phone to them with they shipping lable.
    LOL THAT JUST BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. geraldine harden

    i bought a lg 3g cell phone and now i am having trouble log in on google with my phone. it keeps saying my phone is not connecting to the server.

  9. Tina Holt

    I recently bought an LG G3 phone and I’ve had nothing but problems now I have no phone cause the screen went blue and it will not do nothing now. I hope u will feel that it is in ur best interest to accomidate me with a new phone like everyone else that’s experienced this inconvenience

  10. James Mang

    In February of 2014 I purchased LFX31945ST 3 door refrigerator ($2500.00), 17 months after purchase the refrigerator stopped cooling and had to call to get it repaired. I waited almost a month for the parts to come in the another week for the service people to come out. they replaced the entire back panel to include the fans, defroster and the mother board. I was assured that this would not happen again. 7 months later the refrigerator is broken again… same code and symptoms. I called the support team at LG and was told it is out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. In my best estimate a refrigerator is a large appliance and should last 10 years if maintained properly, so a two year warranty is just a scam to put money in LG’s pockets. Wouldn’t a better warranty be standing behind your product. I will never purchase another LG product and will do everything I can to dissuade anyone else from doing so. I am done with LG!!

  11. Kevin Minter

    Purchased a new range 2 1/2 years ago. It has Hardly been used, now the top burners do not work. Customer service was no help whatsoever other than directing me to the local LG repair shop. Beware!!!! I couldn’t get it to turn off last night without killing the circuit breaker. Way to go LG!!! I will never buy another product from them again. Look at all the reviews on line about my model-lre3023st with the same problem. O and by the way LG, higher people that can speak clear English on the phone. Don’t worry I’m going to spread the word on your range. People work to hard for there money to get screwed like this.

  12. Genny

    I have the lg stylo. There was a system error when i got the phone. We did a system reboot and update the phone works fine except the camera will not work no matter what i do i have done everything i possibly can to fix it. When the phone dies it stays on the lg screen. For a long time about 25 mins. I dont know how much help i can get with this or if someone can even do anything about this but Its bull crap to be honest that i spent 150$ on a phone thats not working and its not even my fault. Id be less upset if i did it to myself.

  13. Todd Rauch

    I have an LG 45″ LED TV. After a year and a half (on the dot), the picture went out. LG only has a 1 year warranty which is rediculous, and shows they do not trust their own products!!! Asus has a 3 year warranty. DO NOT BUY LG, AND SAVE YOURSELF WASTING MONEY!!!!!!

  14. I purchased a LG TV 55 INCH not even four years ago, I went to turn it on and it has a big line thru the screen (NOT A SCRATCH). Their are no scratches marks on this screen. I called customer service and they said that this product last about 3-4 yrs. I will never by another one. They are junk and that’s all I have to say. I think a product should last longer than this if it is cared for properly. Please don’t buy this product.

  15. Kevin Z

    let us get together and start a class action lawsuit against LG.

  16. Kevin Z

    let us get together and file class action lawsuit against LG.

  17. Sagoh

    This company really sucks. They have had my cell phone for over 7 weeks and they still don’t have the part to fix it. I will NEVER NEVER EVER buy another phone from this stupid company, EVER

  18. Debbie

    I just received a recall for my portable air conditioner. After speaking with five of your workers, I received five different useless answers. These units catch fire according to you. Two workers asked for the serial number. The first one told me not to turn it on to prevent a fire. The last woman said that I have “good news” because it was NOT on the recall list.

    I will never turn this unit on! I cannot trust you or your products. I have contacted our attorney general for help.

    Also, this annoying page needs a webmaster to fix it! “Mail” does not mean email!

    an angry ex-customer

  19. I purchased an 50!LG TV less than 2 years ago and the thing stopped working on Super Bowl Sunday. Called your customer service department to see if I can get my TV repaired and they wanted to charge me over $300 for a TV that I only paid $600 for didn’t offer me anything else LG are the worst products that anybody can ever buy. If you are thinking about buying one don’t they do not support the product and every LG person that I know that has purchased an LG is the most unsatisfied customer. Again never even think about buying an lg product they are crap.

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