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Suzuki Motorcycles Customer Service Number

October 1, 2013 Posted in Bikes
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Suzuki Motors – a renowned Japanese automobile corporation has over the years developed into a leading company even in the United States with its headquarters in California. Suzuki Motor Corporation was established in 1909 by Michiko Suzuki and has its headquarters located in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan. Apart from America, it has its presence in 192 countries of the world. Suzuki began manufacturing motorbikes in 1952 with its first motorised bicycle, the ’Power Free’. In Japan, it is the second largest automobile brand and speaking of worldwide ranking it has been positioned at tenth.

Suzuki Motorcycles Customer Support Number

  • Suzuki Motorcycles Customer Service Number: 714-572-1490
  • Suzuki Motorcycles Toll free Number: 1-800-934-0934
  • Suzuki Motorcycles Roadside Assistance Number: 1-877-794-8853

Recently, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan has announced the launch of the Suzuki Hayabusa in India in 2017.

Very recently, Suzuki Motors  was featured in the Motoring World Awards 2015. Suzuki Gixxer won the Bike of the Year Award.

Suzuki Motorcycles Corporate Office Contact Information

  • Address: Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. MC/ATV Customer Service,
    P.O. BOX 1100, Brea, CA 92822
  • Phone Number: 714-996-7040
  • Fax: 714-524-8499

Comments (7)

  1. Juan Veloz

    I can believe no one from SUZUKI can help me after the bad experience when we purchase our motorcycle, It was not a very good customer service at all I do know about customer service because I deal with them all the time, so I’m asking please for some one to call me (720)261-7121 I need help I’m a customer thank you

  2. Michael Gonsalves

    I have a 2006 gsxr 100 that o got as a leftover in 07 I don’t ride it much I never beat on it or never wheeled it. It was my baby it has 3800 miles now it’s blowing blue smoke really I have taken it to the dealer to see what’s going on so they did a leak down test and they said my folk seals r junk really I don’t ride it much soo anyways $800 dollars to check it and fork ok and then he said I need piston and rings WHAT now that’s bullshit I will tell all my friends NEVER BUY A SUZUKI MOTORCYCLES AGAIN no1 can help thank you

  3. Hatch

    I have a problem with the gas cap leaking badly on my ’08 C109R. Called Suzuki, was told they have no tech line, and had never heard of the problem. Told them that i had contacted my dealer this morning about the problem, and they didn’t have a solution. Suzuki offered to give me another dealer’s phone number. Last time i took my bike to “another dealer” it came out two quarts low on oil. Turns out they didn’t know the correct procedure for checking the oil level on a C109. The common “fix” is to not put any more gas than the bottom of the filler neck in it. Last time i fueled mine (on it’s stand), i purposely stopped it one inch below the neck, and it still leaked as i made the turn out of the filling station. Suzuki’s suggestion is to replace the gasp cap, for $151. I’m becoming pretty frustrated with the Jap bike makers…..

  4. Paulo sousa

    I purchase a08 Suzuki Burgman 650 from a Virginia seller with 18590mls, but can’t get the tags at the Maryland Mva because they told me Suzuki corporation registered that vin# as a off road scooter so can’t have road tags, does it make sense? Please help me, what can I do?

  5. rick romaine

    i owen a 1400 intrureder custom,the head bolt brok and i tuck it to the handa suzukiu in olympia to have it fixed ,i tuck the bike to them the frist week of june and i was told by the serveis manger that the job was a6.5 hour job once the old botl was out,the shop had it for 2 weeks then sent it to a shop to have the head bolt taken out,i sinded a shop estement for 636 for the job,sence the manger has called me to tell me they dident have the tool they needed to time the bike,then the manger called me to tell me they where chargeing me a nother 145 for takeing the top of the outher cilender off to time,and what they did is take the top plate off 4 little bolts,they have had my bike sence,they called me and told me that the wireing under the seat was fryed, there was not a baer or a fryed wire on the bike so i called the owener of the shop and he told me that my bike looked like it hadent ben on the road for months or even years.i wood like help with this mater please,thank you,rick,360-490-0430

  6. Dinesh kalyan

    This is dinesh from chennai, Tamil Nadu india.

    I own a Gixerr sf 2016, my bike cables was bit by a RAT and the whole IGNITION system got collapsed. i couldn’t even start my vehicle.

    i left my vehicle in the service center in AVISH SUZUKI No 1, Mth Road, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai – 600062 (SUZUKI DEALER)

    Its been FOUR weeks by now, still they are saying they can’t find a spare parts “CABLE KIT for Suzuki Gixer SF” is this how pathetic
    Suzuki treat their customers.

    Even within a one year they don’t have a SPARES WTF service u guys are providing.

  7. John Erickson

    I previously owned a 2006 Suzuki Burgman Executive 650 scooter which I used daily for several years without any incident. I had to sell it when moving across the U.S. to another state.
    I missed riding my scooter, so I bought a new 2013 Burgman Executive 650 scooter from Arlington Motors, Texas in 2016. It had “0” miles on it when purchased it and with a little over 600 miles on it, the radiator cracked and Arlington Motors, Texas replaced it under warranty. After riding it for another 400 miles, the radiator started leaking once again.
    I took my scooter to Action Suzuki in Mesquite Texas, which is much closer to my home. After Action Suzuki inspected it, they found the radiator was damaged upon replacement by Arlington Suzuki Texas. I called Arlington Suzuki and told them the new radiator was leaking again and I took it over to Action Suzuki for repairs. Arlington Suzuki said the damage must have happened from the way I used the scooter and would not except any responsibility for the damage. I’m a 75 year old retired man who uses the scooter to get around town. How can this damage have happened with around town travels.
    The repairs on my new scooter with 1111 miles on it will cost me over $1200.00+ dollars to have it repaired. That sounds like I may need to fill out a lemon law complaint? I think Suzuki with their good reputation should stand by these repairs with such low mileage.
    I would appreciate a response from someone with the authority to make a decision on this case.
    I’m John Erickson
    12263 China Lake Dr.
    Dallas, TX 75253
    Phone: 214-533-3720

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