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BMW Motorcycles USA Customer Service Number

May 31, 2013 Posted in Bikes
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BMW is the leading manufacturer of luxury vehicles since 1921. BMW motorcycle unit carries out its operations under the BMW Motorrad brand. BMW introduced the first motorcycle, the R32 in 1923. BMW motorbikes enjoys stellar sales since its inception, building an empire of its own. World-class features and top-notch performance characteristics of the BMW motorcycles lives up to the challenge as well as expectations.

BMW Motorcycles Customer Support Number

BMW Motorcycles USA Customer Service Number: 1-800-831-1117

Established in 1916, BMW commenced manufacturing truck and aircraft engines for Germany during World War I. BMW Motorrad, as the motorbike producing division of BMW. BMW Motorcycles enters the superbike market with its S1000RR literbike. The company has also developed a versatile off-road and street line-up with Single G and Parallel Twin F series. For more updates, you can dial above mentioned BMW Motorcycles USA Customer Service Number. Get prices and specifications on all the new BMW Motorcycles via BMW Motorcycles USA Customer Service Number.

In the realm of automobile industry, BMW is recognized as the pioneer of manufacturing high-performance sports vehicles.   With transparency and accountability, the company has been building a lasting relationship with its customers. If you are experiencing any technical problem in your motorbike or have some suggestion for the company, you can dial BMW Motorcycles USA Customer Service Number. Dial BMW Motorcycles USA Customer Service Number and receive comprehensive information on Motorcycle Specs, Motorcycle Prices and much more on all the BMW motorcycles. BMW Motorcycles USA Customer Service Number can be contacted across the United States. Additionally, the BMW Motorcycle USA Customer Service Number offers consumers the access to BMW Motorcycle USA Customer Support.

Comments (6)

  1. David Danks

    I have a new 700GS (3500 miles) & I am a very unhappy customer.My issue is that the seat is a real butt killer.This is not my first motorcycle but it is the only one I have ever owned that I cannot ride more than 100 miles without being in agony.I have no physical conditions that contribute to my discomfort.
    If you go to the BMW 700 forum the seat is a common complaint.I am really upset that a BMW costing nearly $11,000 has a seat that puts my butt in absolute agony.
    This is absurd.An $11,000 bike with a useless windshield and a horrible seat.
    Makes me think that BMW builds it so you are forced into buying an expensive accessory seat and windshield.
    I have owned Hondas & Suzukis and never had any discomfort.
    There is absolutely no way I can ride the 700 long distances.
    A friend has a 650 GS and has the same issue.
    When I pay nearly $11,000 for a motorcycle I should not have to spend another $500
    for a seat and a decent windshield.I can live with buying a windshield but not $500 for a seat.
    I absolutely love the 700 but I can not live with the seat & I may have to go back to a Honda.

  2. song

    today I go to bmw motorcycles manhattan for my hp2 oil change, and I get throttle potentiometer cover yesterday from touratech, I don’t have tool to install it , I asking service advisor : rodney mcintosh, he sad no problem.I think it’s only two bolt 5 mins job, no asking him how much,then he charge me $50.25 for install cover. and hp2 use 20w50 oil, parts no: 07510412040, $8.50 one q. he give me 07510039639,$10.48 one q, bmw has no this part number, I go home check this oil , much dilute than 20w50,I think he don’t have 20w50, I hear he click many times because no 07510412040 , 20w50 oil. he give me wrong oil for my hp2’s 15w50, now engine valve so noise, because 15w50 oil much dilute than 20w50, and also funny thing is: bmw mechanic don’t have special tool to open oil cap, it’s made by bmw!!! he use clamp to open it!!! wow ! I can’t believe these guy work for BMW!!! smart guys ! good job ! I wish one day you guys own BMW COMPANY ! bmw suould be proud for you ! anyway I never go back ! I don’t want my hp2 get poisoning . I should go MAXBMW today. IF YOU WANT YOUR EXPENSIVE BMW BIKE DIE QUICKLY, GO BMW MOTORCYCLES OF MANHATTAN AND FIND RODNEY MCINTOSH, HE WILL HELP YOU!!!

  3. Joe Parish

    I have a bran new BMW F700GS 2014,
    I have had it one month,
    It has 1002 miles on it
    Yesterday the engine locked up, dealer tells me a crank barring failed,
    I can not get BMW to deal with my problem,
    I will not except a rebuid cycle,
    I expect them to replace my ride

  4. thomas j murray

    2006 1200gs adv replaced defective fuel pump after it sprayed fuel all over me and the bike. bike was out of warranty replaced pump. This pump recalled for exact problem I had. this year. BMW refused to reimburse me price of fuel pump that I purchased from BMW even though I provided receipts . “we don’t know if it was leaking” worst customer service I ever experienced . No faith in this brand.

  5. guido valdes

    when will the 2015 r1200rt be readely available in your dealerships?

  6. Elliott Kemp

    I have a 2014 s1000rr. I love the ride and power. But I absolutely dislike the oil pan with a passion. I have already replaced it once due to the ridiculous sump this oil pan has. I was riding on interstate last night and they had a dip in hwy and it made me bottom out and smashed the plug on oil pan again. So now I will have to replace oil pan once again. The first time cost me $400, im going to get a dme oil pan because the stock one is a waste of time,money, and effort to replace once again. I would love to see a better oil pan produced o n future the s1000rr or at least a decent replacement that is not $500. You have to realize not everyone likes to track ride, the s1000rr is a bike that runs in the mid 8’s stock from factory. It’s a monster on the strip when modded right. I have a eight inch stretch and still take turns at 135mph.

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