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Allegiant Air Service Support Number

August 14, 2013 | Posted in Domestic Airlines
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Allegiant Airlines is an economic airline owned by Allegiant Travel Co. It is a publicly traded company that manages scheduled and charter flights. The Airline offers jet passenger service from various American cities to world-wide destinations. Founded in January 1997 as WestJet Express, the company is headquartered at Summerlin, Nevada, a sub-urb of Las Vegas, US. Allegiant Air offers its customers affordable fares to great vacation experiences in the areas like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Hawaii, and the Orlando area. The Airlines does not commute to every city of the Unites States but links smaller regional airports with few big ones.

Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Number

  • Reservations Center Phone Number: 702-505-8888

  • Lost and Found Phone Number: 1-866-719-3910

Allegiant Air enables its passengers to modify their travel needs suiting different budgets. Customers are eligible for getting exclusive offers on some selected hotel rooms, rental cars, show tickets and more as part of an airline ticket package, deals you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to gather more details, find above Allegiant Airlines Contact Phone Number and Contact Information. Above you will find comprehensive Allegiant Airlines Contact Information along with Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Number.

Allegiant Airlines Contact Address

Address: Allegiant Travel Company
ATTN: Customer Relations
8360 S Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone Number: 702-851-7300

Comments (5)

  1. J.D.C.

    On December 10, My sister who is wheel chair bound and uses a motorized chair flew from Fresno CA to Las Vegas NV. We assisted her up to the point where non passengers are allowed. We watched her travel down the tarmac towards the plane. when she was out of site we left the airport thinking she was in capable hands. I learned today your airline put a handicapped woman who was by herself thru hell upon arrival to her gate and during a security pat-down claiming “gun powder residue” this is completely insane. Due to her being detained and treated like a common criminal her seat was reassigned. Then to make matters worse your airline reassigned a handicapped wheel chair bound passenger to the back of the plane. I have a good notion to cc this message to the ADA… We did everything possible to make her trip enjoyable and convenient, Allegiant Airlines however failed in customer relation as per usual!

  2. J.D.C.

    OH and I forgot to add… expected a handicapped woman who had paid for a convenient seat walk to the back of the god damn plane…

  3. J.D.C.

    Unfortunately it appears Aliegent Air is just another piece of shit air line to disgraces FYI with lousy inconsistent service. Just anFvother fly by night airline a step up from crop duster.. like air wetback with flights to Mexico.

  4. Linda

    In the past few years I have used Allegiant for many flights – about one each month. I have observed many positive changes they have made within the last couple of years. I contacted Allegiant 2x the first year with some issues I encountered and made some possible suggestions. They not only responded but they listened! The flights and customer service just continue to improve! I love their nonstop flights, the Flex and sure appreciate that they are usually on schedule.

  5. Mary

    We just flown for the first time with allegiant air lines.. Me and my bf had flown before, but my daughter and her friend hadn’t so my daughter was very nervous & wanted to sit with me so we ask the flight attended if she could cause seat next to me was open,but she was mean and rude&nasty so after bagging and asking her and letting her know my daughter was having a panic attack she finally let her, other thing was on our flight home me and bf got soaked from what they said was condensation from the air-conditioner…The only other thing I didn’t like is if you don’t pay for your seat and if your booking with a party you might not get to sit together…so make sure you buy your seats! It’s worth it!!! Other then those couple issues its a great price for the flight and very smooth ride pilot was very nice and let us know every detail wat was going on…

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